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All dogs are good boys and girls, but could yours be a little better?

Having a dog of any age can be overwhelming at times. Whether it's trying to find time to train a new puppy after a busy day at work, or teaching your older dog not to jump on guests, bark when someone knocks or eat your new shoes.

We'll work with your dog to socialize them and teach them basic manners with confidence  building exercises to assist in working out their fears.

From puppies to adult dogs, our training and classes can help your four-legged friend feel confident and safe in many environments. That way, you and your canine companion can both be less stressed.

Dogs - Day Care w/ Training Sessions

This includes training sessions by students from the program where your canine will learn and work on basic manner skills as well as life and socialization skills.  

$30 a day Monday-Friday

Add-on Training or Exercise Sessions

Additional exercise or training sessions can be added to your pets boarding stay. These are manners training or can be confidence building exercises to help your pet feel more confident and less anxious in all environments.

$5 each up to 3 times a day.




This is a 6-week class for you and your canine companion that  will teach basic manners training such as sit, stay, recall, leash walking and socialization skills. No dogs that are reactive or have aggression issues will be accepted in this particular class. Vaccines and fecal exams must be up to date 1-2 weeks prior to class starting and copy from veterinarian must be provided 1 week prior to classes starting.

Call to set up for available class times. 740-300-5056.

Monday’s 5:30 pm-6:30 pm 

March 18th - April 22, 2024


AKC CGC Testing

The American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen test (CGC) is a certification program that evaluates dogs in simulated everyday situations in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere.


Certified Trainer-Private One-on-One

These training sessions are one hour in length and are held at our facility with a Certified Trainer.                                             $60

Student-Private One-on-One

These training sessions are one hour with Intern Trainers and is supervised by Certified Trainers.                                                                             $30